Written by Kropko   
Thursday, 04 September 2008

As you have noticed over the years, our setup continues to grow each year making the logistics of transporting and setting up each Saturday haulmark.jpgconsiderably more difficult.  Car transport is no longer practical for our major items including 4 canopies, all the chairs, grill, 3 tables, satellite dish / tripods, sound system, LCD HD television, multiple coolers including the new 100 quart marine cooler, heat lamps, 4 20lb propane tanks, deep fryer, cornhole boards, generator / gas, halogen lights and all the other small items.  As a result of this, I plan on acquiring a new 5x10 Haulmark cargo trailer this Friday like many tailgates around us.  The trailer cost is approximately $2000 along with $300 for the hitch and additional costs for registration and storage.  Advertising revenue from Google and along with game day contributions has greatly helped subsidize a good portion of the existing equipment cost as well as gas for the generator, propane for the grill, deep fryer, and heat lamp, parking cost, food/beer, and DirecTV service but will fall way short of the trailer.  Therefore, I am asking for help from anyone who would like to become a Kropkogate Donor, especially those who are regular Kropkogate attendees.  You will notice a PayPal module at the bottom of the home page setup for this.  If you have questions please let me know.  Any help will be greatly appreciated and recognized through a donor page on the website along with a TBD Name Plate inside the trailer.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated and will help enable future tailgates to come.  In an effort to recognize those that donate more, three preset levels have been established as shown below.  

$20 or more - Silver

  • Samantha Wahl
  • Meghan Goodzey
  • Paul Levine

$50 or more - Gold

  • Amber Biniker
  • Mark Minahan
  • Jeff Rayborn
  • Stephanie Brown
  • Heather Brom

$75 or more - Platinum

  • Chris Wheatley
  • Kevin Rayborn
  • Jesse Kearns
  • Jon and Kris Hall
  • Jen Kehn
  • Holly Brown

$100 or more - Champion

  • Michael Kropko and Jennifer Williams
  • Nancy Kropko
  • Mark Bauer
  • Drew and Laura Hall
  • Sara Fast
  • Brian Anderson
  • Craig Anderson
  • Tony Roth
  • Brandy Erwin
  • Amber McCreary
  • Lane Sawyer
  • Allison Skinner