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Thursday, 19 August 2004

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About the Manager

The manager of Kropkogate is known by most simply as Kropko.  He is a tailgating enthusiast who spends his free time studying the art of tailgating and teaching others across the country.  He has no home and lives on the road but find times to make it back to Columbus every Saturday during September, October and November.


About the Editors




Mr. Marbles - Editor in chief
The editor of this website, who will be known simply as Mr. Marbles, is a gameday enthusiast.  He studied for 4 years at The Ohio State University, majoring in Gameday Activities with a minor in Astrophysics.  He continued his research during a 3 year work-study project in Wrigleyville.  Mr. Marbles observed the patterns of the everyday drunkeness surrounding Wrigley Field, while educating and assisting others who attempted to achieve gameday happiness.  His distinguished career as a journalist includes the development of lloydcarrsucks.com and winning a 1st place award in a Darke County short story competition in 1988.  He has an unhealthy fascination with Pat Fitzgerald.

Mr. Marbles resides in Chicago, where he stalks Pat Fitzgerald during all waking hours.



Pizza Hall - Editor

Pizza likes Miller Lite and shouting "He's tired!" when athletes show signs of fatigue. Occasionally loses his penis. 



Mr Winkles - Editor

Mr. Winkles is an avid football and tailgate fan. After spending four seasons in the barren college football wasteland known as Boston, he returned to Kropkogate thinking he had found heaven (not even the scary looking clown named Buckeyeman could ruin it).

Mr. Winkle's writing experience consists mostly of TPS reports, cover pages, and other worthless Corporate America drivel, but he did have a Thanksgiving poem published in the Atlanta newspaper in 1st or 2nd grade and he interned as a sports editor at Netscape.com and CompuServe/DeltasigServe after college. Ruswinkle enjoys drinking Natty Light, smoking cigars, and injecting turkeys (somebody has to stick their hand up the bird's ass) on game days.



Hoops Malone - Editor

Hoops Malone is a young adventurous man who grew up in the 2nd generation of Kropkogaters starting in the Norwichian era. He arrived at the scene of the infamous Jesse K 7:30 am drunken disorderly after the officer had already arrested the dumbfounded ‘Juice’.  He knew from that day on that getting to a tailgate after 7:30 was just unacceptable.  He now ensures that he has no less than three Natural Lights consumed by that time.  He enjoys candlelit dinners at PJs and long walks trying to find his home, but usually you’ll just find him around the flip cup table with a gallon of riot juice, or preparing for a cone-a-beer. Although he’ll never admit it, he’s a pretty big deal around Kropkogate; After all, his apartment does smell of rich mahogany and leather bound books.

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