Bye Week
Written by Mr Marbles   
Monday, 16 October 2017

Ohio State vs Bye Week

After walks in the park against Army, UNLV, Rutger, and Maryland, Ohio State faces their most dangerous competition since the Sooners as they go up against the dreaded bye week. There's nothing more frightening than a college student with free time, so brace yourself for the arrest reports and ensuing supsensions as the weekend progresses.

 No official tailgate for Bye Week, but feel free to show up and drink a few at the usual spot to keep in shape for next week's Penn State tailgate.


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 Mr Marbles will be back in Evanston launching a tailgate at 7:01 am for the Northwestern - Iowa game. It's a bye week, you aren't doing anything, so why not head on up and cone a beer with him in the golf course lot?


ESPN Pick'em Update

Don't forget to make your Kropkogate ESPN Pick'em selections . Ranking thru 7 weeks: 

  1. boomperOSU
  2. anderson9611
  3. #WadleyHeisman

Wadley isn't going to win the Heisman, but #WadleyHeisman enters the Kropkogate Pick'em Championship conversation.  Kropko won the week 7 contest.


 B1G Expert Pick'em

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Iowa at Northwestern  Northwestern Iowa
 Northwestern  Iowa  Iowa
Purdue at Rutger  Purdue Purdue
 Purdue  Purdue  Rutger 
Maryland at Wisconsin
 Wisconsin Wisconsin
 Wisconsin  Wisconsin  Wisconsin 
Indiana at Michigan State
 Michigan State Michigan State
 Michigan State
 Michigan State
 Michigan State 
Illinois at Minnesota
 Minnesota Minnesota  Minnesota  Minnesota  Minnesota 
Michigan at Penn State  Penn State Penn State
 Penn State
 Penn State
 Penn State 

This Week
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Season Record          57-13          56-14        51-19        57-13          54-16