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Written by Mr Marbles   
Friday, 10 November 2017

Michigan State

Saturday, November 11, 2017
12:00 pm EST
Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH


Remember last week when I described the roller coaster of emotions that lie ahead? Saturday at Kinnick was like a roller coaster that sped down the first hill and got stuck upside down for 3 hours on the first loop. Let us never speak of that game again.

Playoff hopes are dead, but a trip to Indianapolis is still within the Buckeyes control, so get on out to Kropkogate and support the team by drinking absurd amounts of alcohol and consuming gallons of cheese-based dips on university property. Rosie, the industrial-sized heat lamp, will be there to keep you warm and burn your gloves when your hands hover too close. Also, it's Michigan State and first place in the division is on the line! While I don't really have ill feeling toward the Michigan State football team, their fans are a different story--which is why I'll just link this detailed narrative explaining why you should hate them too.



For real-time updates, follow me on The Twitter - @Mr_Marbles

Mr. Marbles is watching the game from the couch this week and will head up to Evanston to tailgate and watch this week's much anticipated primetime game featuring Big Ten powerhouses Purdue and Northwestern. Middle to lower tier bowl positioning/eligibility is on the line and will be fought out UNDER THE LIGHTS in lower 30 degree temperatures. I don't even know why I go to these kinds of games and recognize I should seek counseling for this troubling habit.


ESPN Pick'em Update

Don't forget to make your Kropkogate ESPN Pick'em selections .Rankings after 10 weeks:

  1. boomperOSU
  2. anderson9611
  3. Kropko

And just to rub Herky's bird sh*t in the wound, #WadleyHeisman won the week 10 contest. There is no god.


 B1G Expert Pick'em

Each week, Kropkogate's team of expert prognosticators gamble their life savings away while attempting to predict the outcomes of all Big Ten contests. Just like the Buckeyes, the expert pickers got roughed up last week and are eager to get back on the right track this Saturday. This week's game of intrigue is Purdue at Northwestern. You are rooting for a 4th straight Wildcat overtime because why the hell not?









   Mr. Marbles

Pizza Hall

 Mr. Winkles 


MSU at Ohio State
 Ohio State Ohio State
 Michigan State   Ohio State
 Ohio State 
Rutger at Penn State
 Penn State Penn State
 Penn State   Penn State
 Penn State
Indiana at Illinois
 Indiana Indiana
 Indiana   Indiana  Illinois 
Nebraska at Minnesota
 Minnesota Minnesota  Nebraska   Nebraska   Nebraska 
Michigan at Maryland
 Michigan Michigan
 Michigan   Michigan   Michigan 
Iowa at Wisonsin  Wisconsin Iowa
 Wisconsin   Wisconsin  Wisconsin 
Purdue at Northwestern  Northwestern Northwestern  Northwestern   Northwestern  Northwestern 

This Week
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Season Record          72-19          68-23        65-26        71-20          69-22
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