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Written by Mr Marbles   
Monday, 07 August 2017


Thursday, August 31, 2017
8:00 pm EST
Memorial Stadium, Bloomington, IN


America's most beloved architects include Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, and whoever designed this thing at the Ohio-Indiana state line

COTGS Index*:81

*Chances of Things Getting Stupid Index is determined using a highly complicated scientific formula that produces indexed results ranging from 0-100, computed using an array of complex variables and a multitude of over-sized computers located in the basement of Kropkogate

This tailgate preview is dedicated to the memory of Tom Raper. The signs near Richmond may now read "Camper's World," but those RVs will always and forever be Raper RVs in our hearts. #Exit149A

Ohio State opens the season in unusual fashion, with a Thursday night divisional matchup against Indiana. A meaningful game with a special weeknight on-site visit from ESPN's College Gameday will certainly ruffle some feathers of Big Ten traditionalists.  It makes one yearn for the good old days of titillating openers in Columbus featuring intra-state rival Youngstown State with Beth Mowins on the play-by-play. Does tradition not matter anymore? 

I'm not sure how a weekday edition of GameDay will work, but I'm as sure as God made little green apples that John Mellencamp will be the special guest, the story of Lee Corso stopping a game in the first quarter to get a team photo under the scoreboard with his Indiana team up 7-6 over Ohio State will be told, and, somehow, basketball will work its way into the conversation.

Kropkogate will be in Bloomington operating in full capacity. Your grandchildren will read about this tailgate in their history books. This marks our first ever weeknight tailgate on a visiting campus. With that in mind, it will be in your best interest to attend; your grandchildren will one day have all kinds of questions about the event, such as, "What the f*** is a Hoosier?" and "Grandpa, did you ever find your penis?"

This will also be Indiana's day for the biennial Memorial Stadium aerial photo shoot, as the chance to capture the stadium at capacity and full of red only comes along once every two years. Make sure you wear something nice and comb your hair before entering the stadium; we want our Kropkogate representatives looking dapper for the occasion.


Indiana's Board of Regents approved the recently completed end-zone expansion and another to be built in the opposite side after an aerial shot of a game against Ohio State game was provided in a Power Point presentation. Since no one on the board had ever attended an Indiana football game, they approved the expansion, under the assumption it wasn't a desolate empty pile of concrete with poor sight-lines on all other home dates.


Mr. Marbles will attend the historic Thursday tailgate in Bloomington, then doubles down in the history books when he heads back up to Evanston for a tailgate on Saturday--his first ever two tailgates in one weekend college football experience. And what better venues to accomplish this feat than the venerable college football cathedrals of Ryan Field and Memorial Stadium?


Mr Marbles 2017 Tour of Madness

Reminder for our non-regular readers:  Mr. Marbles is not Kropko. Kropko is Chief Operating Officer of tailgate operations, I (Mr Marbles) am Minister of Kropkogate Propaganda and Public Enlightenment. I type words into this web application. I promise you we are two separate human beings. This is not his schedule.

  • 08/31 - Bloomington, Indiana:  Ohio State at Indiana
  • 09/02 - Evanston, Illinois:  Nevada at Northwestern
  • 09/16:  Evanston, Illinois: Bowling Green at Northwestern (game only, no tailgate)
  • 09/23 - Columbus, Ohio:  UNLV at Ohio State 
  • 10/07 - Evanston, Illinois:  Penn State at Northwestern
  • 10/14 - Lincoln, Nebraska:  Ohio State at Nebraska
  • 10/21 - Evanston, Illinois:  Iowa at Northwestern
  • 10/28 - Evanston, Illinois:  Michigan State at Northwestern
  • 11/04 - Iowa City, Iowa:  Ohio State at Iowa
  • 11/11 - Evanston, Illinois:  Purdue at Northwestern
  • 11/18 - Evanston, Illinois:  Minnesota at Northwestern
  • 12/02 - Indianapolis, Indiana:  Big Ten Championship Game (if OSU plays)

Yeah, yeah, that gap in September. I blame Mrs. Marbles, who attended a non-football-focused institution of higher learning. This resulted in her collecting a network of friends that make poor choices, such as scheduling weddings on football Saturdays. Highlights on tap for this year's tour include trips to Bloomington, Iowa City, Lincoln, and--if we pray hard and the Good Lord is willing--Indianapolis for the Big Ten Championship Game.


ESPN Pick'em Update

It's that time again to register for the Kropkogate ESPN Pick'em contest . Weekly winners win fabulous prizes that I may or may not ever deliver and get a shout-out on this widely read web site.  The real glory comes from winning the season-long cumulative battle.  To be a champion requires careful study and analysis of all FBS programs and/or the capacity to remember to log-in and make your selections each week.  Final rankings for the 2016 season:

  1. Cardale Jones Diary
  2. Kropko
  3. Mr. Marbles


Mr Marbles' Pre-Season Big Ten Predictions

Like all college football fans with access to the world wide web, I publish pre-season predictions.  I just do it with less arrogance than Phil Steele, who pleasures himself while flipping through his own print-edition until the all the pages stick together.


  1. Ohio State
  2. Penn State
  3. Michigan
  4. Maryland
  5. Michigan State 
  6. Indiana
  7. Rutger

 It won't be easy for Michigan, but I trust Harbaugh will find a way to bring them back to third place divisional glory.  Rutger will still be buried in the basement unworthy of earning their "s"



  1. Wisconsin
  2. Northwestern
  3. Nebraska
  4. Iowa 
  5. Minnesota 
  6. Illinois
  7. Purdue 

As usual, you could re-arrange the top 5 of the west in any order and I wouldn't argue. Minnesota will start out 7-0 with snake oil salesman PJ Fleck and row-the-boat-mania taking over the college football world.  Also, they will finish the regular season at 7-5 and get beat by Western Michigan in a bowl game.

B1G Champion: Whoever wins the west with a 6-3 conference record, because the college football gods are cruel and spiteful.


B1G Expert Pick'em

Each week, Kropkogate's team of expert prognosticators gamble their life savings away while attempting to predict the outcomes of all Big Ten contests. Mr. Winkles is our esteemed defending champion, but the rest of the gang is hungry for Skyline chili and redemption.  So, tie on your bib and make sure you have plenty of toilet paper in the room where you poop, cause this could get nasty. 

This week's Mr. Marbles' Matchup of Intrigue is Ball State at Illinois.  No way, no how Illinois could lose this game, but they probably will. 









Mr. Marbles

Pizza Hall

 Mr. Winkles 


Ohio State at Indiana
 Ohio State  Ohio State
 Ohio State
 Ohio State
 Ohio State
Buffalo at Minnesota
 Minnesota  Minnesota  Minnesota  Minnesota  Minnesota 
Utah State at Wisconsin
 Wisconsin  Wisconsin  Wisconsin  Wisconsin
Washington at Rutger  Washington  Washington  Washington  Washington  Washington 
Michigan vs Florida (ArlingtoN, TX)  Michigan  Michigan  Michigan  Michigan  Michigan 
Maryland at Texas
 Texas  Texas  Texas  Texas  Texas
Louisville vs Purdue (Indianapolis, IN)
 Louisville  Louisville  Louisville  Louisville  Louisville 
Wyoming at Iowa
 Iowa  Iowa  Wyoming  Iowa  Iowa
Nevada at Northwestern
 Northwestern  Northwestern  Northwestern  Northwestern  Northwestern 
Arkansas State at Nebraska
 Nebraska  Nebraska  Nebraska  Nebraska  Nebraska 
Bowling Green at Michigan State
 Michigan State  Michigan State
 Michigan State
 Michigan State
 Michigan State 
Ball State at Illinois
 Illinois  Illinois  Illinois  Illinois  Ball State
Akron at Penn State
 Penn State  Penn State
 Penn State
 Penn State  Penn State 
 Results           12-1          12-1
       11-2         12-1
Last Season           83-33          81-35        85-31         88-28          86-30
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