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Pizza Hall's 25 Thought Roster 4/10 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Pizza Hall   
Friday, 11 April 2008

Today brings with it the 4th edition of my 25 Thought Roster; a collection of thoughts, musings, and otherwise fairly shallow, rather obvious observations in today’s baseball world.

1.)     First off, I’d like to correct myself on thought number 7 of the last roster. Delmon Young came up through the Devil Rays (now Rays, don’t want to confuse anybody) farm system, not the Marlins as previously posted. I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you or your family.

2.)     There’s a good chance that Johny Cueto is a god. Nobody in the modern era of Cincinnati baseball had ever struck out 10 batters in his major league debut. His line on his first start in the Bigs: 7 innings pitched, 1 hit, 1 run, 0 walks, 10 SO. That’s a WHIP of .14.

3.)     WHIP = Walks + Hits per Inning Pitched (for the lay person).

4.)     The term “modern era” commonly refers to baseball after the turn of the 20th century. Personally, having read a few baseball history books myself, I can tell you that there was no major change in the game the occurred from 1899 to 1900. Rather, small changes were made over the course of many years to refine the game to what we now see it. Please see #12 and #13 for more information.

5.)     Terrific radio listening on Thursday’s game in Cincinnati. Marty Brenneman was asked how he felt about Jim Bowden by his son Tom, to which he readily replied that he would rather hire a chimpanzee over Bowden to run an organization. He probably spent the next 5 minutes totally blasting blasting the former Reds GM on live radio.

6.)     Bowden currently is the Washington Nationals GM. Kind of explains why they suck so bad.

7.)     That begin said, after 4 games this season, the Natties are currently on top of the National League East. I still predict them to finish last though.

8.)     Another interesting note: There is only ONE team left in all of Major League baseball that is undefeated. It isn’t Boston, Cleveland, or either New York team. No, it’s the Kansas City Royals, who swept the Detroit Tigers in a 3 game series to kick off their 2008 campaign.

9.)     Detroit was picked by Sports Illustrated® to win the World Series over the Chicago Cubs.

10.)    Josh “Spider” Bertke predicts the Cubs over the Tigers this year, exactly 100 years since their last World Series Championship in 1908.

11.)    Last night (4-3-08) saw the last Opening Day for the Columbus Clippers in old Clipper Stadium. The new stadium is slated to open up next year and from what I’ve been told, will be quite the spectacle. It’s got to be better then the current stadium, where you get the great backdrop of a graveyard beyond centerfield.

12.)    Catchers back in the day were considered “pansies” if they wore any sort of protective gear. This continued well into the 1900’s, aka the “Modern Era”.

13.)    The “spitball” was a popular pitch in the early 1900’s where a pitcher would lather his hand with saliva and rub it all over the ball. This would give unique spin on the ball, causing it to dart this way and that, thus enabling the pitcher to have “filthy” stuff (pun intended). Outlawed for new pitchers in the early 1920’s for various reasons (not least of which was for sanitary purposes), this pitched thrived for well over 20% of the “Modern Era”.

14.)    Side note to #13: Pitchers that used the spitball as their primary pitch were still allowed to throw it. I forget who the last pitcher was to legally throw it, but the pitch survived well into the 1930’s.

15.)    Interestingly enough, pitchers are still permitted to lick there hand and rub up the baseball. However, in order to do this, the pitcher must have his back turned to the umpire. Aaron Harang will use this tactic after nearly every pitch. (Not joking folks)

16.)    In the movie “The Scout” which starred Albert Brooks and Brendan Fraser, the people in Mexico claimed that they actually waited for it rain before they started playing baseball to make it easier on the players to slide. Can anybody verify this? It sounds fishy to me.

17.)    I don’t recommend watching “The Scout”. It’s not the best baseball movie out there by any stretch of the imagination. The plot line isn’t bad, but they just couldn’t quite pull it off.

18.)    Edwin Encarnacion had a stellar start to the season defensively for the Reds *sarcasm*. On the first ground ball came his way, he threw it wide of first picking up an error on the play. Next game he threw one wide of home on a force play for another error. Thus far he has allowed 3 unearned runs to score all by himself.

19.)    In next year’s World Baseball Classic, the United States will be in Pool C, which also includes Canada, Italy, and Venezuela. They will play their first round games in Toronto, giving Canada home field advantage, but I don’t think it will make much of a difference.

20.)    In Cincinnati Bengals news, wide receiver Chris Henry was released after his most recent arrest where he allegedly hit an 18 year old “man” in the face and busted his rear windshield with a beer bottle. I’m not 100% sure, but I’d put money saying he doesn’t have a college degree, and being that this is his 121st criminal offense over the last 2 years, I don’t think another team will be willing to sign him. Of course, that would be after Roger Goodell suspends him for at least one year. I think it’s safe to say that he professional career has come to an end. Best wishes go out to him in finding a non-football related job.

21.)    I think that last entry kind of sounded Jim Rome like. I did not mean for this in any way.

22.)    Official payrolls came out this week. The Reds rank 18th with a payroll of just over $74 million. The Cubs are 8th overall and 1st in the NL Central with $118.3 million, followed by the Cardinals, Astros, Cincinnati, Beermen, and finally the Pirates, who come in at a lean $48.6 million.

23.)    I’d be surprised if Pittsburgh made $48.6 million in gate sales this year.

24.)    Speaking of gate sales, Reds Opening Day scored a sellout of over 42,000 spectators. Game 2 drew in just over 12,000, and Thursday’s day game drew 11,000. That’s the very definition of fanhood!

25.)    My NCAA Championship pick is still alive in Kansas, so I might as well root for them over UNC. Plus I hate UNC, so I’m rooting for the Jayhawks anyways. Actually, I’ve lost interest after all four #1 seeds made it to the Final Four for the first time in history. I like underdogs, so in my opinion, this is kind of boring.

As always, please send any thoughts or comments my way and I will try to get to them in my next 25 thoughts. Have a great week!

Pizza Hall's 25 Thought Roster 3/20 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Pizza Hall   
Friday, 21 March 2008

Pizza Hall's Weekly 25 Thought RosterHere’s this week’s lineup of thoughts, musings, questions, and opinions. I know it’s been a couple of weeks since the last one, but hey, I’m busy. It’s not like anybody actually reads this anyways…But here we go with another 25 Thought Roster!

1.)     I am totally against playing Major League games in Japan. Seventeen hour plane rides and a reversal of your body clock cannot do anything healthy for players.

2.)     What’s up with the new ballcap design this year? It looks like they have little wings on the sides. My first impression: tacky.

3.)     Headline of the week: “Royals look to be on right path”. Yeah right. If you’re an enthusiastic baseball fan and still can’t name 5 players on their team, that’s not the path you want to be taking as a team.

4.)      Reds top prospect Jay Bruce was sent to the Minors yesterday. In my opinion, it was foregone conclusion by management to send him down. He could’ve batted .500 with five homers this spring and still not have made the roster.

5.)     In more Red’s news, reliever Brad Salmon was traded to the Royals for either a player to be named later or cash. I hate to be negative again, but I hate when players are traded for cash. It seems downright bush league. I don’t mind a player to be named later as much, but it still sounds clandestine…

6.)     Did I use the word clandestine correctly?

7.)     Amazing how the Marlins gave up on Delmon Young so early. Two years ago he was next big thing.

8.)     Speaking of Delmon, anybody remember when he threw his bat at the umpire after a called strike three? That was funny. What would you expect from Fatty Young’s brother?

9.)     Why is it that every time I order Donato’s and tell them first off I’m ordering for pickup, then they take my phone number, then they ask if it is for delivery or pickup?

10.)    In a similar gripe, why I’ll always tell the Subway guy the kind of cheese I want, but between the time I tell him and the time he gets the sub cut, he forgets. This happens 100% of the time. I’ve never had anybody remember.

11.)    Will Brad Lidge ever recover from the game winning home run he gave up in the NLCS against Pujols?

12.)    Will Curt Schilling ever pitch again? Maybe with a little help from HGH…

13.)    Cubs Kerry Wood has been complaining with back spasms. Could this once again sideline the former all-star for a good part, if not all, of this season?

14.)    What will Bobby Cox be remembered for? a.) Winning 14 straight division titles. b.) only winning one World Series in that same time frame. c.) Being ejected more times than any other manager (135 and counting).

15.)    Brian McNamee wrecked his car after fainting at the wheel. No serious injuries here, so I’m going to go on record saying I find this comical.

16.)    Which first baseman would you take first in a fantasy draft: Pujols, Howard, Lee, Fielder, or Conine?

17.)    Conine signed a one-day contract with Florida so he could retire a Marlin. Will Barry Bonds do the same with Pittsburgh?

18.)    Does anybody care about fantasy baseball?

19.)    The Yankees must have some sort of insight as to how good Joe Girardi will be as a manager. He has ONE year of managerial experience on his record.

20.)    You know that song “Teardrops on My Guitar” by Taylor Swift? I just want to put the rumors to rest: Yes, she is singing about me.

21.)    Nomar Garciaparra is the most snake-bitten player in baseball. He is once again ‘doubtful’ for opening day (broken hand). If he had been healthy for his entire career, we might have seen offensive statistics that are unrivaled by any other shortstop in history.

22.)    Pittsburgh has imitated Los Angeles in creating a section at PNC where for $40, you can get a ticket and all you can eat of hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, nachos, soft pretzels, and soda (sorry no beer). Let’s get Mike Combs to come out of hiding and have a modified “King of the Buffet” at the ballpark.

23.)    Now that Barry is in semi-retirement, who will be the next “bad guy” of baseball. My money is on Prince Fielder.

24.)    You’ve got to love baseball in April. Opening day last year in Cincinnati was 71 and sunny. Two days later for the second game it was 32 with snow, rain, and ice. Good thing I went to opening day.

25.)    My pick this year to win the NCAA tournament: Kansas Jayhawks. This is only because Erin Andrews picked them and she’s been right the last 3 years.

2007 Season Recap PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Kropko   
Sunday, 02 December 2007

The regular season for College Football has come to a close.  2007 memories will last forever.  And most importantly another victory over michigan will last even longer.  Just wanted to say thanks to all those who helped during the ‘07 season.  Our tailgate continues to grow and without the continuous help of many of you, Saturday’s at the intersection of Woody Hayes and Fyffe would not be possible.  There is no predicting where I will be at this time next year as December 28th is my last official day as a Columbus resident but I still have full intentions of spending every Saturday during the autumn months in Columbus next year.

Special thanks to the following individuals below.  Without your countless hours of work and preparation, this tailgate season would not have been possible...

  • Drew and Laura Hall – For showing up at 530am every Saturday to help load, transport, setup and cleanup.  Even more thanks to Laura for cooking breakfast every Saturday and our Kropkogate sign…. Too much to say – thank you!
  • Lane Sawyer – For showing up at 530am most Saturday’s to help load and transport
  • Kim Wingfield – For helping keep the tailgate clean, the amazing dip as well as a ton of other food, transporting items, cooking....  too much to say – thank you!
  • Samantha, Erin, and Kelly – For all of your help and food
  • Chris Wheatley - Our deep fryer specialist
  • Kevin Rayborn, Sachin Shaha and Ruchi, Brian Ruswinkle, Doug Hertzig, Brian Smith and Meredith, Brendan Hennesy - For helping setup throughout the season
  • Holly and Jess Brown – For helping keep our tailgate clean and some of our delicious food as well as supplying me with tickets and a parking pass for every game – thank you!
  • Roman Shabashevich for hosting us in Washington
  • Uncle Mel and Beth for hosting us in ann arbor
  • Ben and Katie - For hosting us in Indianpolis
  • Matt Conte - For supplying the directv receiver
  • Amber Biniker – For some of our great food
  • Tony Roth – For being a great roommate for 3 years and dealing with countless visitors every weekend
  • Pete – for your special drink mix
  • The Columbus Police for giving us countless warnings and no citations
  • Gordon Gee (OSU President) for attending Kropkogate during the Illinois game
  • Lloyd Carr for another Buckeye Victory

And my apologies to anyone else I missed who helped in some way – (my memory is sometimes blurred as a result of the large amounts of alcoholic consumption on gamedays) – thank you!

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